Meals that Boost Immunity

SPINACH It is a green, leafy vegetable that belongs to the Amaranthaceae family food group. It is considered to be one of the healthiest foods

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What is #TheVerveLife
The Verve Life is a health and fitness event organised by Verve to bring together fitness and healthy life enthusiasts to network, learn about diet and nutrition, healthy workout routines and exercise in a fun filled environment.
What is the duration of the event
The Verve Life is a one day event.
Is the #VerveLife Free?​
Yes. Admission is absolutely free!
Are Children allowed?
Yes. We encourage introducing children to the health and fitness lifestyle early. You are however responsible for the safety of your kids.
Will there be discounts for Verve card users?
Verve card holders will enjoy discounts on every purchase they make at the venue using their Verve card.



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